How to Take Care of A Baby Properly

The welcoming a child is born is a happiness impossible to describe the parents. But the faculty, behind the joy that is the worry, concern, thinking to feed their children. From the story the child was still an infant, it’s time to grow up a little bit to buy what kind of diapers, laundry care how, until he grows some more, they must buy certain types of carts, if the best double jogging stroller is suitable for your two kids (in the case of twins). In this article, we will be pided into two parts, just to show you how to best care.

  • How to Do Baby Hygiene

+ Extra infant (practice doctors) water bath temperature suitable is 38 C. You can use a thermometer to measure the water or dip your hands into a basin of water likely both be found just. Always remember, the skin is very thin babies will therefore not withstand if the bath water temperature as high as adult users (even when the weather is cold or hot). Shampoo: Should special oil for babies; do not use soap or bath using adult cotton. Infants may be allergic to milk shower. In that case, it is possible to stop for the baby shower and change milk wash.

+ Wash the leaves: in many cases the use of the mother tree leaves, fruits for bathing. If that is the very attentive mother should avoid pesticide contamination leaves, toxic chemicals can cause poisoning, or infection for infants. The leaves can be used: green tea, the leaves of him, smooth bitterness, grapefruit peel, etc. In the first months after birth, the mother should give the baby a bath with boiled water, avoid water.

  • How to Clean the Genital Area

+ As girls: need careful hygiene baby’s genital area with a cotton ball lightly cleaning the outside. Avoid washing into too deep inside. Newborn baby girl usually has a lot of blood mucus white, pink or maybe out in genital blood is normal phenomenon. Mothers will gently wash the outside of the door every day is his. As boys: The genital hygiene easier of boys girls. Mothers also gently washed her genitals without too deep hygiene in the foreskin.

+ Hygiene sensitive areas: the genitals, ears, eyes, nose, navel umbilical cord care: always avoid urine and faeces into the umbilical cord; after showering the child with alcohol to disinfect the navel 700 or Betaline antiseptic solution. Eye care: Wash the eyes with two cotton pads and blankets clean gon. Often small saline eye clean baby after a bath, the early morning and before bedtime. Avoid baby away too bright sunlight or under because she will feel uncomfortable. Care tip: using last cotton impregnated ear to saline nasal hygiene for baby. Especially in case of need baby suck runny nose before a small water treatment and nasal medications. If she does not get sick of the nose may be small nasal saline daily baby.

  • How to Wrap the Diaper And Dress the Doctor Practice

Required clothing for babies: soft, absorbent ability good, recommended map of 90-100% cotton; the clothes should take is kind of set the buttons for the middle or side clinch, dressed going usually harder and cause for babies fear every time wearing.

Should not wrap the diapers for little folk way: capsule-type diapers because according to the type of this thing. This will limit the mobility of the baby, not good for the normal development of the child.

  • Massage for Baby Daily 

The massage helps to increase blood circulation, regulate body activities, increased peristalsis help little better food digestion. The regular massage helps baby develop better than the function of the limbs as well as the rhythmic coordination between the parts. More than that, the massage helps strengthen the feelings between the mother and the baby, help little comprehensive development both of fitness and the spirit. Massage is especially good for babies born underweight, premature. The massage should be perform daily before bath in room conditions warm enough for the baby. The massage should have the interact not only physically between mother and baby but also need both the emotional exchanges between mother and baby.

  • Warm Compost Techniques for Baby

Babies, after birth and in the early months of life are at risk of hypothermia. Due to the so, if there is no appropriate warm compost techniques, may be a special young body hypothermia was born in the winter. There are three warm compost techniques for:

Kangkuroo engineering: hamlet on the mother’s chest chest, my arms hug the baby to warm brewed

Lie technique: creating a nest by a blanket around baby, put the baby in between to avoid wind conditioning

The Tricks to Protect And Keep Your Laptop Safe

Laptop computers are becoming more popular with office workers or students of the university, it became necessary in any circumstance. but to get it we also have to give up some money not less, maybe for you students then here also is a large property save in the new year how much there was. Therefore, protect the laptop is a matter of great interest in the user community. Especially when you have to move a lot of places, travel, work from home, work in the place does not guarantee the security of information, your laptop will fall into the situation quite dangerous and may be broken at any time. The basics below will help you choose the bag to the office staff or backpack for college students to protect your laptop from the dangers that unwanted.

The first thing to protect your laptop is protected by hardware accessories for laptop. You can reach the store specializes in selling the instruments or the heart, where you buy the laptop to find the matching accessories.

+ Use the sock bag: The kind of shock resistant quality bags are usually made of polyester and has a thick foam inside the bag. This foam structure formed a separate box created the elasticity and the ability to protect your high in these situations and beating as strong as when it is dropped from a height of about 1 m or the constraints. In addition, the plastic layer in addition also waterproof and insulated. But the most important thing when you choose shock resistant bags for laptop is to choose your size suits bags. Because if the bag is too big or too small, it will not effect your laptop protection.

+ You should buy a burglar locks to lock the laptop fixed on a certain position when you leave that you are in a place that is not his home or agency. In addition, currently on the market there are many types of locks for laptop, which has a number of function key combinations and alarm bells.

+ Paste the screen: This accessory is essential even if your laptop does not have a touch screen, it helps protect the screen against fingerprints, anti-glare and can help you more easily view the details than the original, there are also resistant to scratches.

+ Clean the screen: screen laptop just like that helps all the information, the data are shown on the screen, if damaged, then you have a powerful computer though, works well enough, you can’t do anything. Therefore, clean the screen and take care it is urgently needed. First, you turn off the computer, unplug all the power jack to avoid leaking electricity. Using a thin cloth, clean sheets and a type of specialized compounds to wipe the computer screen in a bottle of water in the form of spray to spray lightly, both on the screen, use the cloth to lightly wipe the entire screen and around the corner. The slot is easy for dust, you should carefully wipe carefully the slot. Absolutely do not use other chemicals such as soaps, washing water or marine water, tap water because the salt-containing minerals not yet purged will cause mold and moisture damage on the screen.

+ Protect your keyboard: You should clean your keyboard regularly to avoid mildew bacteria can cling on the keys, this can also help you protect your hands from getting infected with the bacterium. The best thing is you can use a piece of thin silicon keyboard cover back, avoiding the careless do you pour water onto the computer, resistant to dirt and wear over time. In addition, you can periodically take this toilet out of silicon, exposure to drain and use, very convenient and safe.

+ Use a vacuum cleaner for laptop: should be used regularly because if the dust cling on long will hamper contacts between the circuit and press the keys, causing the phenomenon of dead keys. Vacuum the ventilation holes, plugging the USB ports, HDMI port. You can also open the lid of the plastic cover underneath the laptop for radiator parts such as rotors, the RAM slot, drive hard laptop.  Next, you use the swab or small brush hook things like dirt, hair, crumbs out of the keyboard, the serial port peripheral exposure, the niches below the laptop, you must remember to do really carefully to avoid breaking the welds or the circuit connection on the mainboard.

+ Use empire radiator: when laptop is a long time, the laptop gets warmer, this easy damage to the laptop. In hot weather conditions then this is the necessary heat dissipation for laptop to maintain long term operational capability for the hardware components inside.

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Tips for Your Baby’s Sleeping in a Swing

Nowadays, technology allows parents to gently put their newborn to sleep with the help of an automatic baby rocker. The soft rhythms these machines use can replace the parent’s efforts in continuously rocking the swing back and forth.

The Structure: Modern and Solid

The top best baby swing has rocker parts, a power transformer and a U-shaped assembled adapter for feet.

Complete Safety, plus Power Savings

The swing’s maximum capacity is up to 70kg and it is completely safe due to its insulated safety switches. The product’s gear system is composed of s gyroscopic aluminum block, cast iron grooved plates, a 3.2mm safe main bearing made of steel, chassis, and also molding bland blocks made of plastic.

Current Adaptors

The best baby swing includes several power adaptors for different output currents. They are completely safe and range from 5V to 12V. This way, the family also saves power! Every home is fitted for the swings current, which goes from 220V to 50Hz.

Pros: Convenient Smart Design at a Reasonable Price

The automatic rocker machine is mounted directly in the hammock folding. This is extremely convenient when taking care of the baby since it had no user impact. The swing helps mothers have more time to worry about their family’s well-being and the grandparents have an easier time making sure the baby is sleeping properly!

Children’s sleep is essential and parents can really use the help of not having to sit long hours bringing the hammock back and forth for the baby. Midwives can avoid the heavy back pains this action causes because they will be sitting in an automatic rocking machine, therefore saving time and effort.

The rocker’s extreme convenience increased the consumers’ demand for it. Now, the market is filled with several different brands of automatic rocking machines with similar features and prices. But buyers should bear in mind that not all the rockers have the same quality, and the difficulty in telling which one is actually a good quality product makes the purchase harder.
That is the reason why this article will introduce two different models of hammocks which are the most popular in our store.

The Importance of Children’s Safety

When dealing with children’s product, safety is absolutely the most important aspect. Manufacturers are aware of this and they build products accordingly. The best baby swings use an electric current that is even weaker than a laptop’s battery. In this way, manufacturers ensure that no leakage current will affect the baby’s health. The local power line transformed that the rocker uses is therefore only 12V.

High Flexibility

The rocker is mounted in a direct way, so it does not need any adding or removing of supporting devices. Moreover, the hammock is easily switched when the machine is not going to be used. The rocking design can be attached to several types of hammocks that the family may have, and it still keeps it automatic function. There are plenty of different rocking designs, fitting each consumer’s needs, and giving them advantages for its use.

The rocking machine is simply outstanding as regards its safety design features regarding the hammock’s balance. Parents will certainly notice many different benefits when using this type of machine to rock their baby to sleep. By using this product, children sleep easily without needing people beside them. The machine is also very useful for ensuring a sound long sleep quality.

Familiar Images

A hammock is a great solution to calm down the baby when it is crying heavily. But the reason for the crying may be some sagging caused by the improper location of the baby in the swing. Parents will pay more close attention to their babies when they are placed at a lower level.

Children’s safety is crucial when choosing a baby’s swing. During the day, the child will nap while lying on the hammock, but they should not sleep too long there at night. The best way in which the hammock supports the baby is when the position is lined up or diagonal.

Baby swings must have the necessary instruments to avoid falling horizontally during their sleep. Nowadays, a hammock is constructed in a way that they do not harm the baby’s nervous system. They are made longer and stronger.
Every mother should be aware of the essential aspects of baby care. Comprehensive knowledge should be provided to mothers who are busy so that they can properly care for their babies in a more effortless manner.

The Experience of Buying a Camera

Not only professional photographers, photo-lovers must be familiar with the type of your DSLR. This is the type of camera used to photograph the beautiful art. With the price not too high as before, many people love the photography was able to buy a DSLR.You decide to buy a new digital camera and identified as your DSLR.  But surely the air with confusing functions will cause you confused when choosing. Don’t panic, this article will help you choose a best instant camera fit, whether you are the person who has ever been photographed or new first find out about this machine type.

1/ Why Choose Your DSLR?

Before referring to the main issues, we stopped a little bit to small but important question: why do you love your DSLR in when a regular digital much more compact that cheap price? The answer can be summed up in two phrases: multifunctional properties and image quality. Versatile calculator is not only can you change the lens and mounted on the type of accessories-from basic things such as the flashgun and remote control devices for the dedicated accessories allow your SLR get everything, from the very young to insect stars away this afternoon I pastes. Computer is also versatile, functional flexibility when taking photos has been thanks to the high level of control and quality details. From that arose the second phrase: image quality. In a beautiful light on the difference between a good compact camera and a DSLR is not significant; both are out for sharp photos, the color radiance without too much shooting skills. But when the difficulty level rises a little, such as taking photos in low light, shooting these moving quickly in the sport or wildlife, or when you want to experiment with your depth, then obviously your DSLR with a wide and more sensitive sensors have the advantage over. At present the price of air has fallen off pretty much should be owning this type of “senior” is no longer so difficult anymore.

2/ Select Buy According to Optical Zoom

When buying a digital camera, you need to distinguish the information “optical zoom” and “zoom”.Usually only the digital zoom magnification of the pixels in your photo to make the subject look bigger, but it makes the photo more blurry. Select the number of the large optical zoom camera.Currently the lowest level cameras also have 3 x optical zoom-means the machine will magnify the subject up to 3 times the actual size. The majority of digital cameras on the market that have optical zoom range 4 x-6 x, some are 6-10 x optical zoom, super zoom camera has the biggest optical zoom is now 36x.

3/ Read the Reviews for Cameras

Before you buy a digital camera, you will spend some time to learn the model view camera the would fit. Should not rely only on the word of the seller, because most of them do not know in depth about the camera, and maybe they are looking to introduce a prototype. The magazine, the website and online technology forum always post reviews about the camera, be zoned prototype photos you want, then read the review about the camera model you are interested in.


4/ Self Perceived Air

Once you have in hand a number of model fit, go to a store to sell digital cameras and suggested that models are reviewed. Only when you hold your hand in and try using the various features of it, you see it really doesn’t suit you. You should go to a few stores, and in every store you ask so many sales people see them consulting about machine model you buy, you take some type of photo in the corner and different parameters and ask them to watch on your computer. The expensive models, the sales people will enthusiastically advise you, so you can hear and observe before deciding.

5/ Reference Reviews

When you have selected the appropriate models are coming at you find where the best selling price.Start by searching on the net. When you have the information about the price of a number of points of sale, you can haggle for a better price. Usually the new retail store for bargain prices, while the big shop is not. So call bargain the price before then. Don’t forget to ask about the accessories, or promotional gift, such as computer cases, memory cards, extra battery, lens filter, sheet paste, screen cleaning kits … Some stores also offer free lessons about cameras and taking a picture, and you can sign up to participate. Some stores also bought the camera and your old accessories.

How to Take a Screenshot on a PC or Laptop

If you’ve been an internet marketer for all amount of time, you will finally want to create some tutorials to help improve your website. As you start to write the guidances and read through them, you may find it difficult to explain things correctly using text alone. So you’ll look for yourself asking “How do I take a screenshot on your PC?”

There are several ways to perform this task. But, you can want to consider taking the screenshots of just a part of a PC screen, too. This will help you greatly in creating a valuable forum support, Blog Post, E-mail, PDF eBooks,…

How do you take a screenshot on your PC or Laptop? There are a lot of software out there to perform this. One thing to acknowledge is if you want just to take screenshots of the web pages or your desktop.

Let’s look at how to do both…

Taking a Screenshot on a PC of Your Desktop

Firstly, press Print Screen key on the keyboard. It might say [PrtScn], then open an editing program, e.g., Microsoft Paint or Word.

Go to the Edit menu and select Paste, or just right-click and choose Paste. You also press Ctrl + V to paste the image to Paint.

screenshot pc

Click on File Menu and select Save As and choose the folder that you want to save your image.

Type file name for your image as well as selecting file types, like png, gif or jpg.

screenshot pc

Finally, click on the Save button.

Trick: Generally, the JPG format works best when saving the screenshots of application windows.

And there you have it; you’ve just taken a screenshot of anything on your screen!

Using a browser add-on to take a screenshot

Depending on which browser you use there are many add-ons you can access for free. Here is a list of the common web browsers that you can install it.

Awesome Screenshot Extension for Chrome Browser

Click here to go to the page of Awesome Screenshot extension or you can search for “Awesome Screenshot” from Chrome Web Store. Just click Install button.

screenshot pc

Awesome Screenshot Add-on for Firefox

Go to the link to install this add-on or do a search for “Awesome Screenshot” and install it into the browser!

screenshot pc 2

A free screenshot program download serves you with lossless Codec, which gives crystal clear results with a much smaller file size, contrary to many other more popular codecs, such as Microsoft Video 1.

You can have a free download of this software and enjoy it wholly free – fully 100% free for your individual as well business plans.


Out of several other available snapshot software download options, several are free tools which allow you to share the screenshot by way of the net, within a short period. It allows you to capture a snap, edit and then progressing it to the web, with the purpose that you can immediately provide anybody with a link to the image.

How to Choose a Best Travel System Stroller

There is a wide range of strollers out there in the market. Each type has its own pros and cons, which can make you easily confused when deciding to buy a stroller. As being parents, you always want to bring the best thing you have for your baby, but you canít be good at anything. This why I am going to share with you for how to choose the best travel system strollers.

What is a Travel System Stroller?

bes travel system stroller

Travel system stroller is the most popular type parents choose to buy due to its convenience, but travel system strollers are still new to those who have never used any strollers  like first-time parents, so what is a travel system stroller? A travel system stroller is a combination of car seat, a car-seat base, and a stroller. Because each piece of these can be detachable, the product allows you transfer your sleeping baby from your stroller to your car and vice-versa without making your little angel suddenly wake up.

What to Consider for Choosing a Best Travel System Stroller?

Many people may think that price say a lot about a product. It is true in some cases but it doesnít mean an inexpensive one is the best one. Therefore, what is the matter? A travel system stroller is considered as a best one when three parts of the products can be detached and attached together very well without any confusion and difficulty. There are some stroller companies that make attachments for their strollers that will work for many different types of car seats, so just check your product when choosing one. Here are things to consider for a best travel system stroller.

Infant car seat size: Many people consider this is a priority when they choose a travel system stroller and smart choice of infant car seat will decide the safety and comfort of your baby when she or he is sitting or lying down. Therefore, you should choose the models with car seats that can fit snugly in your vehicle.

Safety: This is the important thing to consider and we have a lot of products that are advertised as the best ones. However, not all of them are actually as good as advertisements say. A travel system stroller is considered the best one when it looks sturdy and has passed U.S. safety standards. For a better choice a car seat, you should choose the one depending on the age of your baby. A newborn needs a car seat that is different from the one for over six-month-year-old baby. And another is just make sure the harness works well.

Portability: Although the design of travel system stroller allows you to remove each part from others easily, this type of stroller is often bulky and heavy. Therefore, just look for the models which are smaller enough to fit in your car trunk.

Maneuverability: This another important feature when buying a stroller. It is better if you can visit the store in person, so you can check it by pushing around the store for knowing whether the stroller you choose is good at maneuverability. For those who can only buy at online sellers, they should search the information about the products on the internet. By comparing the reviews of the products, they have the better choice. There is something that may limit the maneuverability of the strollers like the wheels and the handles. The models with larger wheels will allow you to stroll smoother and quicker than the ones with small wheels. The adjustable handles are also related to the easy control of users. If the handles are too high or too short, you canít be comfortable with it while pushing, so you canít be controllable with your stroller in tight places.

In conclusion, how to choose a best travel system stroller isnít an easy task but it doesnít mean impossible if you love your baby and always want to bring him or her all the best things. Just take time for searching information about the products, the more information you get, the better choice you have. Finally, whatever the model of travel system stroller you decide to buy, it must be safe, comfortable and maneuverable.

How to Clean Laptop Heat Reduces the Effectiveness

When the laptop was in use for a long time, we will realize the noise from the fan heat sink of the laptop. That is because the laptop used power too. Laptop to always maintain a certain limit temperature is necessary. Laptop after 1 year of operation will be more dirt accumulation and increasing numbers. Meanwhile, laptop will become hot, works well and can no longer stop working suddenly. This will cause damage to the machine. The should do is maintenance, cleaning the laptop the right way. You can manually clean up at home or to the center of the laptop. You can prevent this condition if you start using the machine. Always keep clean the outside of the laptop, make sure to use a laptop in the work environment is not dirt.


  • Cleaned In the Most Important Position

Casing and frame structure design laptop of each is different. In some cases, you can observe on the parts inside you need to clean through the plastic sheet. If the observer doesn’t see the electronic IC, you can take some time to dismantle the frame the link in laptop. If the laptop is draining from the bottom. These machines are often easier to dismantle, enough for the necessary components. If your laptop open from the top down, you will have to start by detachable keyboard. The best is you should find and read the instructions carefully. The manual documents comes in the box your laptop.

  • These Tools Support Clean Laptop

Cleaning the laptop mostly. So what you need are the right tools to start the work. You will need a set of screwdrivers, electric to handle small and flat-head screw snail is found in the laptop. A brush has soft bristles and a small dust can all be useful. There are many positions inside the laptop is prone to dust around, so it tends to concentrate in the seat ventilation. Before cleaning the laptop, make sure your laptop is turned off and disconnect the power source and remove the battery. Laptop keyboard is the most popular dust. The keyboard will be attached to the machine by two or three screws, underneath a plastic protective layer. All position screws will vary on each type of machine. When you have removed the screws at the top you can usually drag the keyboard unit towards you. Should not tug it. Because you will damage its connection. Either way, You also have to be careful and meticulous in the process of cleaning a laptop. Use a soft brush to help remove any dust on the hardware of the laptop.


  • Clean the Cooling Fan Laptop Cooler

The next step should remove dust on the fan laptop, add little oil to operate quieter fan. Dirt can attach in the vents. To do is wipe them away. You check out, consider every detail again. When finished cleaning, take your computer back assembly carefully.

  • What to Do to Maintain Your Laptop is Better

+ Never drink wine or eat while working on my laptop

+ Should not spray cleaners directly on the screen, go for sprayed on a soft cloth and then wipe clean.

+ Do not remove the buttons on the keypad, if you do not know how to insert them again.

+ Carefully with a laptop screen as they are connected by the very thin cable. They are very vulnerable.

You Know How Hygienic a Electronic Equipment

When buying a new electronic device, surely your work at this is eager to get it out of the box, connect the things together, boot it up and throw away all paper Guide, as well as boxes aside. In general we very rarely see the instructions enclosed with the product, in which the most important is the maintenance of equipment. If not, by the time the device will easily be clinging dirt, fingerprints or many other things, can all cause unsightly to the product and may affect the performance of the machine. Therefore, this article will give some ways you should apply if you want your electronic equipment is always in a State of good works.

Use Only Clean Water to Hygiene Monitor

If you do not yet know all the equipment manufacturers are insisting that you should not use any liquids other than water exposed to the screen of the smartphone or tablet. Simply because the majority of the screen or the screen of the device of this type are designed to work with the natural oils secreted from the user’s fingers. Therefore, the use of other chemicals will easy abrasive glass screen of the device, especially with the detergent or alcohol. That is why you should not use them for the device screen. To clean the screen of the device, please use a damp cloth, thin and soft. Then gently remove dust and dirt sticking point on the device screen. Next use a dry soft cloth and gently wipe it again. One thing to note is that you never get used to alcohol to clean the screen, as this will cause damage to the device.

Avoid Using Cleaning Cream

Usually, we are often advised to use aqueous cream as toothpaste to remove fast the cracks on glass.On the mobile electron devices can also apply to do this but you should be careful because not all the cleaning cream well. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the ingredients in the cream to avoid causing the damage, even cause damage to the equipment after toilet. You should use clean water to purge the stain and minimize the use to ice cream eraser to clean.

Should Select The Real Soft Fabrics To Do Housekeeping

The soft fabrics to do housekeeping can find buy at any fabric store. However not just soft cloth can be used for electronic devices such as smartphone, TV.

Use the Average Compressed Air

The keyboard on the computer or laptop is always a real challenge when you want to potty. Usually most of them were filled with the crushed crackers or dusty form every time you work on your computer. The sanitary equipment is mostly use cotton swab moistened, soft cloth to wipe the surface of the key and a compressed air to push everything below the keys out. Note that you never sprayed any chemicals on the keyboard, even when it has the effect of cleaning the keyboard. Then use a small brush to scan the Sunday has been the average compressed air pushing up on.

What You Never Forget

+ Never use alcohol or any abrasive chemicals than water to clean the screen of any device.

+ Never sanitation device when it is connected to the power source or is active.

+ Never leave the device-the device is exposed directly to water, just water repellent on a cloth to sanitary equipment.

+ Never try to clean a device that you do not yet know what its doing that right method or not.

How to take a screenshot on Mac OS X El Capitan

Mac PC or laptop from Apple has been one of the widely used gadgets in the new generation. It can be because of many reasons, but the major reason for it is the fact that the Mac packs in a lot of features into itself. It gives the user a very friendly yet professional experience. One of the widest used features of the current generation has to be taking a screenshot. You would want to get a screenshot of your desktop, or what you are doing, etc. and that you might send it to your friends to tell them what you are doing. In fact, at times screenshots are also saved because they are the best way for you to remember things.

The hitch out here is how to take a screenshot on a Mac. Don’t you worry because this guide is here to help you with just that. All you need to do is follow the instructions that are given below and you would have your screenshot. Not to mention, screenshots are saved on an automatic basis on the desktop as a .png file and thus, you would not need to save it all over again. All the screenshots are saved in the name of – screenshotdateattime.png.

whole screenshot

Taking a screenshot on Mac

1) If you would want to take a screenshot of the whole screen then all you have to do is press Command – Shift – 3 and your screenshot is saved.

2) If you would want to take a screenshot of a part of the screen then first you would have to press Command – Shift – 4. Then, you would see that the cursor of your desktop changes to become a crosshair pointer. When you get to that pointer, then you would have to move it to where you would want the screenshot to be taken.

All you have to do is drag the cursor to select the area. When you are dragging the cursor and selecting the space, then you can hold either the space key, option key or the space bar. This would ensure that you can handle the way the selection moves. Once you are done doing that, you can release the cursor.

If you would want to cancel the selection, then you have to press the Escape key before releasing the button. Again, this time around too you would find the screenshot on your desktop, duly saved.

3) If you would want to take a screenshot of a window then first you have to press Command – Shift – 4 and when it changes to the crosshair pointer then you would have to press the Spacebar.

take a screenshot mac

You will now see that the pointer has turned to be a camera pointer. Highlight the area by moving it over the place and then click the trackpad.

4) The very same method is used if you would want to take a screenshot of a menu with it without the title. Just move your cursor over the space you would want to highlight.

So what are you waiting for? Screenshot your way to glory!

More Trick: If you want to take a screenshot on PC or Laptop, you can see this article.

Corner Shower Stalls: Why They are Worth the Investment

The reality of modern living shows the fact that not everyone can afford to maintain a big space to live in. This is why most people prefer to be practical, choosing a smaller home which is more affordable and easier to maintain. Apartments and townhouses are not as spacious as fully furnished residential homes, but they can still be as homey when the right interiors are used. Take for example bathrooms: not all bathrooms installed in apartments are spacious and wide. Most of them are small and cannot even accommodate bath tubs. This is why the corner shower stall is a great way to save on space and at the same time, add charm to a small bathroom. Not only are they stylish, but they are also more affordable and take up less space than those full-sized shower units.


Things to Remember when Looking for Corner Shower Units

Are you planning to install your own corner shower in your bathroom? Then you might want to consider remembering these things.



When buying online, doing research firsthand is an essential thing to do. There are product reviews you can do an online search for. Look for reviews on corner showers and take note of the ratings and feedback from customers. Make sure the corner stall you are looking fits your preferences regarding design and budget. It is mostly from other people’s testimonies will you know how efficient a certain product is.

Color Coordination

In terms of design, make sure the color of the corner stall you will be using matches or complements the shades of your bathroom. This is important especially if you want to make your bathroom look pleasing to the eye. The last thing you want is a mismatched bathroom setup which might only lead you to regret spending your money on pieces that don’t match. If you’re having trouble matching colors, consult an expert or a friend who knows what to do.


If durability is your concern, you should make sure that the materials used for your shower stall are of good quality. The following are the most common materials from which shower stall units are usually made:


Strong, flexible, and durable, acrylic is considered a good material for shower stalls. Aside from being easy to maintain, it is offered in a variety of color options, giving you the freedom to match your shower stall’s color with your bathroom’s.


Fiberglass is also perfect to use for shower stalls as it is one of the most durable materials available. If you want fiberglass, you might want to choose the gel-coated variant since it is what makes the material more resilient. Also, it is easy to repair in case it gets damaged later on. Another defining feature of fiberglass is that it can retain its shine for many years.


One of the most popular materials used for bathroom construction, granite, is a very strong and probably is the strongest materials to use if you want a shower stall that will last you a lifetime. It is impenetrable and comes in a wide array of colors you can choose from. Not only is it attractive to look at; it is also maintenance-free.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is glass that has been treated with chemicals for the purpose of making it more durable than ordinary glass. If you are in search of a variety of styles, tempered glass is a great choice. Clear glass, glass blocks, or etched glass; there are many more styles available according to your taste. It is also very easy to clean.


As much as you want to shell out your cash for a large corner shower, you should first put in mind that larger corner showers would always mean a higher price. If you are a frugal type of person, you would want to start looking at the most basic corner showers before moving to the more expensive ones. Although corner showers are generally cheaper than full-sized ones, the materials and styles of the corner showers pretty much determine their prices.

Benefits of Installing a Corner Shower Unit for your Bathroom


Why choose a corner shower instead of a full-sized tub for your small bathroom? Here are some of the reasons why.

Simple and affordable

Small bathrooms do not need too many embellishments, as stuffing them with furniture that has intricate designs might only make it look smaller. Simple designs are the way to go when it comes to small bathrooms. Also, a corner shower stall is more affordable compared to a full-sized shower.

Easy to install

If you are DIY-type of the homeowner, you can save up some money by installing your shower stall unit yourself. The good thing about corner showers is that they are really simple and easy to install. In fact, you can use supplies and tools commonly found at the hardware store. The reason why this type of shower is very easy to install is that they are usually packaged as a single unit. There is no need to stress yourself out trying to figure how to assemble small, separate parts.


Corner shower units also come in a variety of shades that can complement the color of your tub or your bathroom walls. The good news is that most retailers offer corner tub and shower unit packages. They are also made from a wide array of construction materials to match the design you have in mind. The most common materials used are laminates, ceramics, acrylics, fiberglass, and even imitated marble.

Due to its compact size, corner shower stall units are even preferred by people who have large bathrooms but want to save on space. Whether you want a small or a large corner shower, it can almost always fit into any bathroom size as long as the right dimensions are chosen. If you want a more affordable and easy-to-install type of shower for your bathroom, having a corner shower unit installed is the best choice for you.


Top 10 Bay Window Treatments and Curtains

The bay window is defined as the window space that sticks out from a building’s primary walls. As a result, the bay, or the opening, is formed in the room where the window is located. This type of window is commonly implemented as a protrusion with a flat front and angled sides, which is called a canted. With a little ingenuity, the vanilla bay window can be made special with these top ten bay window treatments, including curtains.

Bay Window Treatments Blinds

Top 10 Bay Window Treatments and Curtains 1

Number 10: If the bay window is located in the large-sized bathroom, consider getting window treatments for bay windows that simulate the feeling of summer. Seashells can be hung from the window frame, and they cost nothing. One can comb the beach for large-sized shells and then hang them with thick strings. Other approaches include utilizing unused bed canopies, handmade glass decals, window films, and faux stained glass clings. If going for a more Asian and Zen-like approach, shoji screens made of paper and wood or bamboo can be used to complement the bay window.

Number 9: If the bay window is tall enough and has an arch on top, one of the viable bay window curtain ideas is the placement of holdback drapes. The visitors will be impressed that the bay window is treated like a majestic theater stage with this idea. There are several tools to implement the majestic holdback effect. The most affordable of these is a piece of unused cloth wrapped around the drape. Ribbons, old neckties, and hand wraps also count, as long as they are colorful enough and complement the drape’s color scheme well.

Bay Window Treatments Curtains

Number 8: Got some extra drapes or curtains that are gathering dust in the storage room? Why not wrap these around the edges of the bay window to simulate a tent or gazebo? These window treatments for the bay window may require extra long drapes or curtains to achieve the desired effect. If you do not have enough long drapes, do not fret. You can tie the drapes or curtains together, install holdbacks to hide the knots formed, and still get the same elegant result. As with the approach number 9, DIY approaches to holdbacks apply here.

Number 7: If multiple frames comprise the bay window, one can use a pillar simulation. This is best for windows with at least three frames. To do this, use several combinations of cornice boards and bay window curtains and place them between the frames to evoke the feeling of ancient-styled pillars. Even the cornice board can be fashioned in the style of the top of an actual pillar, which is called the capital. Capitals come in various styles – Mediterranean, Egyptian, Persian, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Byzantine, Romanesque, Gothic, or neo-classical – and the cornice boards inspired by them have to be consistent with the colors of the drapes.

Bay Window Treatments Shades

Top 10 Bay Window Treatments and Curtains 2

Number 6: If the bay window has 90-degree corners, all it takes to evoke simple elegance is the installation of simple corner connectors or hinges to go along with the curtain rods. Bay window treatments using this approach can have the curtain rod holders installed in front of the bay window itself to accommodate thick drapes that cover large areas.

Number 5: The unbeatable combo of a cornice board and woven blinds is not just eye-pleasing, but it also gives some sun protection, especially in cases where even sunlight diffused by the window panes can cause unnecessary glares. If you are using cornice boards as window treatments for bay windows, ordinary thick plywood or insulation foam boards covered with batting and fabric serve as great materials. Cornice boards can also be painted in the same colors as the walls and be fitted with crown moldings so they can be considered permanent window fixtures.

Number 4: A combination of window panels, drapes, and a flat sofa on the bay window will make the one sitting on the sofa a big-shot. Not to mention, the bay window that is decorated like this will become a frequent spot for sexy or glamorous photography sessions. There are limitless color schemes for the three items. Search for a color combination that suits one’s personal tastes best. For example, bay window curtains can come in a simple, transparent white silk that goes well with other colors. Window panels, meanwhile, can be studded with blinds or shades. They can also come in white or any other light color to match the pure white curtains.

Bay Window Treatments Drapes

Top 10 Bay Window Treatments and Curtains 2

Number 3: Curtain panels, or panel shades, are a perfect choice for minimalist homeowners. Yes, the homeowner may have some difficulty adjusting the panels, but the minimalist simplicity is worth the trouble. To maximize the movement of these panels, especially on bay windows with angled sides, corner connectors can be used. Better yet, use DIY approaches as inexpensive yet effective substitutes to curtain rods. PVC pipes and elbows are a good example. If the smooth moving of the panel shades from one angled side to another is a great concern, bent steel pipes are the best way to deal with it.

Number 2: Roman shades with brackets mounted on the ceiling will add a feeling of height to the bay window. To amp up the feeling of height, use drapes or curtains that are vertically striped. As with the other treatments, one can use inexpensive DIY approaches such as the utilization of PVC or steel pipes. As for the finals, cabinet knobs are a great affordable substitute.

Bay Window Treatments Shutters

Number 1: Nothing says “rise and shine” like opening the drapes that are placed in front of the bay window that is located in the bedroom. Being exposed to the fresh, vitamin D-fortified early morning sunshine has been proven to be a healthy way to start the day. Drapes do not necessarily have to be bought pre-made. They can be fashioned out of meters of unused cloth. Old tablecloths, old shower curtains, old bed sheets, canvas drop cloths, burlap, old blankets, and leftover curtains are fair game for DIY curtains. For those who do not want to bother sewing these, the use of clips and rings is a viable option.